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Andrew Leslie, Liberal candidate for the Orléans riding, was elected Member of Parliament as a result of the federal elections held on October 19th 2015. The Orléans Federal Liberal Association will be working closely with him in his efforts to represent the interests of the Orléans constituents.

For those who seek more information on Andrew and his work as a parliamentarian, you can visit the website provided by the House of Commons for each member of Parliament.

You can reach our new member of Parliament at:

Constituency office:

255 Centrum Blvd, 2nd floor, Orléans, K1E 3W3   Tel: 613.834.1800

House of Commons Office:

Room 102, Justice Bldg., House of Commons, K1A 0A6  Tel: 613.995.1800

Welcome to the website of the Orléans Federal Liberal Association (OFLA).

The Executive of OFLA warmly welcomes residents and members from the Orléans area and we encourage you to get involved. Contact us for more information.

This web site  provides links to allow you to join the Liberal Party of Canada and to donate to both the Party and to OFLA.

Periodically we will be adding information to this site about our Fundraising Events and Social Events.

Please bookmark this site and return for updates.

If you would like immediate contact with the Association, click here: to send us an email, or you can reach us at the coordinates at the bottom of the page.

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